Wayfarer 1805 (complete)

Wayfarer is a slice-of-life story meets an end-of-the-world apocalypse scenario. Three different futures are coming to an end, and each one has pin-pointed the cause to a single person in time: a young catgirl named Tussel, also known as the Distortion. Each one is sending their own representative back in time to deal with her and save their respective timelines. Will it all go to plan? Of course not! And that’s where it gets interesting…

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Wayfarer Invasion (ongoing)

Back in Wayfarer 1805, Tiber spoke of an impending Martian Invasion of Earth. Now that time has come as their ships descend upon the city. Told in four chapters and four perspectives let us catch up with some of the characters from 1805 and a few new ones.  

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Waypoint T-Zero 2 (complete)

It’s 2330, and Subspace Relay T-Zero-2 has gone dark, leaving an already unsettled AI in a panic as to what could be out there. Could it be a simple malfunction? Possibly. Alien monsters? Even more possibly! In order to find out, low ranking foxgirl technician Xani Dett is sent into the void to see what’s going on.

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