If you’re reading this, you’re survive 2017 as well! Woot!

Here’s to a New Year of drawing often weird and humorous comics with ridiculous boobs. 

I’ve got one more vacation this year, and it’s coming up the second full week of December.  Up until then I’ll be stressing out about getting Patreon and Christmas pics done, so I’ll certainly need the vacation when it comes. 

Also, along with my loving fiance, I’ll be traveling with Dutch, so if the plane goes down or something else happens tell Max Blackrabbit it’s up to him to continue both Wayfarer & Misty the Mouse. 


I’ve going to be gone for the first bit of September on a much needed vacation. For a bit now, I’ve been feeling a bit of fatigue and burnout, but I’m not about to miss any updates! Starting Monday I’ll be posting some Before stories, which I hope will be enjoyed.

Take it easy, I know I’ll be trying to, 


New week I’ll be doing some Before stories since I will be away on a little vacation to celibate surviving yet another year! Wooo…


For the next three updates I’ll be doing some Before stories, as I’ve done for previous vacations. Happy Holidays everyone! And safe travels if you’re headed places, such as myself!

Man, I am bad at remembering to post stuff here.

Well, the new comic is already five pages in… Still, if you haven’t seen it yet, then give it a look!



I have returned from my birthday vacation older tired of driving, but that’s not going to slow me down as I return to the comic!

Here we are, into the home stretch for Wayfarer 1805! Only ten more pages left to the main story.

Then from there I’m planning on doing an epilogue which will take a few months and then something sci-fi!

Here’s to another fun year of my madness!

Thank you all for your support!